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Polyphonic FM Bass Synthesizer.

This minimal yet powerful Max for Live plugin was built to make West Coast style synthesis accessible to modern producers and sound designers.

Substrate features a complex oscillator with an analog-modeling wave folder, FM and AM Buss with cross-modulation, a low-pass filter with zero-delay feedback drive and in true West Coast fashion, a 5 step sequencer with variable trigger modes. As well as more modern features like linear beat frequency tuning, stereo unison and oscillator keyboard reset.

Feature Highlights

  • Complex Oscillator: Two-core oscillator with variable sine, saw and square waves, oscillator sync and keyboard reset for punchy attacks. And an analog-modeling wave folder with symmetry and shape controls.
  • Low-Pass Filter: Dual-slope design with classic 12db SVF and 24db Transistor Ladder modeling cores that can be overdriven with feedback from their outputs for heavy bass sounds.
  • Modulation Buss: Bi-directional Linear FM and AM routing enabling complex cross-modulation with simple controls.
  • LFO: Sine, ramp, triangle, square and Sample-and-hold outputs with tempo-sync and keyboard reset for high-precision control as well as, smoothness and jitter settings for advanced wave-shaping.
  • Envelope Generators: Dual loop-able Delay, Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release envelopes for animating up to 6 destinations such as signal amplitude, filter cutoff, oscillator pitch and shape.
  • Sequencer: Unique multi-mode, 5-step sequencer inspired by both the classic Music Easel and the Euro-Rack Metropolis sequencer. Enabling complex polyrhythmic sequences with the built-in quantizer, in addition to becoming a third modulation envelope in 1-shot mode.
  • Mixer: Warm, saturating mixer inspired by the classic CP-3 mixer module from the 60s.

Additional Features

Built-in oscilloscope. 2 semitone pitch-bend response. Ableton color theme support. Up to 8 voices of polyphony. CPU friendly architecture. Polyphonic glide. Up to 4 voices of stereo panning Unison with linear detune for constant beat frequency. Sub oscillator with sine, triangle, square and sawtooth output. Pink Noise generator. Oscillator pitch ratio controls for continuous automation and easy FM tuning. Dual low/high-pass "color" filter for quick sound shaping.

// Max Version: 8 // Live Version: 10

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Substrate Max for Live Device & Presets

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