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Ever find yourself adding the same compression and EQ effects to your channels? Wish you could afford a $250 SSL Channel Plugin to make your life easier?

Then you're gonna love this Effects Rack for Ableton Live that bundles common channel processing plugins with simple controls. Just slap it on to your Default MIDI/Audio Tracks and instantly improve your workflow.


  • Heat: Boost channel signal to push the saturation and compression harder.
  • Cleanup Mud: Cut out the mud buildup around 200Hz with a single knob.
  • Low Cut: Apply a 48db per octave high-pass filter to clean up rumble in the low end.
  • Dynamics: Control the Threshold and Makeup gain of a common Glue Compressor setting with a slow attack and fast release.
  • EQ: Nice and easy access to Low, Mid and High EQ levels.

The rack comes in 2 flavors: Standard and HQ. HQ comes with oversampling enabled on the EQ8 and Glue Compressor by default.

// Live Version: 10.1

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Dynamic Channel

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